House Sax Riffs

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House Sax Riffs

Looplicious by Mandy Jones

Over 280 versatile saxophone samples perfect for house and related genres

Looplicious proudly presents House Sax Riffs, a one-of-a-kind sample pack featuring a stylish variety of live alto saxophone samples, including funky loops, stabs, long tones, technical riffs, improvisational solos, rhythmic phrases, memorable hooks, and soulful melodies. Minneapolis-based pro saxophonist Mandy Jones delivers tons of fun, funky, soulful, and sophisticated ideas to spark your creativity and add personality to your house, nu disco, funk, and garage productions.

Included in this pack are 287 unique and usable samples - from catchy rhythmic riffs that make memorable hooks, to free-flowing, expressive melodies that are perfect for adding emotionality and atmospheres to your productions. Soulful, technical solos and spirited melodic phrases draw on jazz and blues, and can be used to create intensity, add a live music flair, or illicit either a vintage or a contemporary feel. Latin rhythms pair perfectly with tropical house, while soaring, emotional long tones blend beautifully with uplifting progressive house. Bold articulations can be manipulated and used to create deep house chops, with funky riffs making the perfect interlude, transition, intro, or main hook.

BONUS 1: A highly usable variety of stabs and dynamic tones are provided to give you a complete set of tools for creating full arrangements, backgrounds, and FX.

BONUS 2: All demo material is included as five separate construction kits with synth and bass MIDI files, drum loops, and vocal samples.

All audio was recorded with high-quality professional-grade equipment, and is provided raw in 24-bit format, sampled at 44,100 Hz.


  • 287 total samples
  • 220x sax riffs
  • Bonus 1: 67x dynamic stabs and tones
  • Bonus 2: 5x construction kits
  • 122 BPM
  • Keys: C minor, A minor, F Major/D minor
  • Key and BPM labeled
  • MIDI files included

Artist Testimonials

"I'm always looking to add some real instruments in my tracks to add more dynamics. This used to be difficult because of the quantity. Nowadays though, there seem to be plenty of options if you’re looking for violins, guitars, or recorded instruments. It can be hard, however, to find the quality stuff in a saturated marketplace. This pack will be my go-to pack if I’m looking to add those sexy saxophone sounds and should be considered a benchmark for all other packs! Off to a great start Looplicious!" - Talamanca

"Good pack. The loops are recorded well and Mandy Jones has excellent technique. The construction kit loops have effects applied, the clean dry versions are in HSR Sax Riffs - 122 BPM. IMO the performances in the pack are well executed and release quality." - Tom H.


All of the presets, samples and loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free, so once purchased, you can use these sounds in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs.

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Product Specs:

Size (Unzipped)
734 MB
24-bit, 44,100 Hz HQ WAV files
435 MB